Every day, around 18,000 people at the DOUGLAS Group work to make our customers’ lives more beautiful. A goal-oriented strategy and a shared vision form the foundation of our business.

Our Focus:
Our Customers

We believe that only way a business can thrive over the long run is by really knowing its customers. That’s why we’ve placed our customers in the centre of our business model. Whether in a store, online or on their smartphone, our customers expect the best possible shopping experience, passionate beauty expertise and an inspiring atmosphere where products and brands can shine. In order to live up to expectations, in early 2023, we introduced our new DOUGLAS Group strategy: ‘Let it Bloom – DOUGLAS 2026’.

DOUGLAS Group CEO Sander van der Laan
‘With “Let it Bloom”, we aim to take the DOUGLAS Group to the next level. In order to do so, we’re building on our strengths: unique brands, amazing colleagues and our incredibly successful business model.’
Sander van der Laan DOUGLAS Group CEO


The development and positioning of our omnichannel business model is the core of our strategy program “Let it Bloom” as we are putting our customers at the centre of our activities. The strategy focusses on four strategic pillars: We aim to be the leading omnichannel premium beauty destination in all our markets and want to offer the most relevant and distinctive range of brands, the most customer-friendly omnichannel experience and the best operating model.


Built on a strong foundation.

We will continue to invest in our brand perception and visibility. This will include the further development of our ESG program in all relevant areas of the business.

Building on our attractive product offering, we aim to elevate our assortment further and strengthen other product categories such as skincare, make-up and hair.

As customers switch between sales channels more fluidly, we will focus on enhancing the customer journey across stores and E-Commerce. This will include investments in new technologies as well as a more focused concept for store formats.

Our goal is to work focussed and efficiently. Thus, we will invest in our supply chain and technological backbone to achieve greater standardisation and automation. Structures and processes will be simplified across Europe to allow for faster decision-making and better accountability.

Multiple employees at a DOUGLAS store opening ceremony


Without our passionate and highly motivated around 18,000 colleagues, there wouldn’t be a DOUGLAS Group to speak of. All of the people working in our stores, headquarters and warehouses are our most valued asset. An attractive company culture, therefore, forms the central building block upon which our future growth and leading position on the European premium beauty market rest. Together with our colleagues, we want to strengthen and promote our culture and values.



When it comes to retail, we believe that the strength of an omnichannel model lies in how the channels interact with each other. That’s why, in the interests of our customers, we like to think of our offline and online presence, our stores and our E-Commerce, as one. As a result, Beauty Shopping at the DOUGLAS Group is as flexible and as dynamic as our customers’ needs are. We offer a wide range of omnichannel services, such as Click & Collect and in-Store ordering. All of our channels are linked by one of the most popular customer loyalty programs in European beauty retail: the Beauty Card.

DOUGLAS Group CCO Philipp Andrée
‘Our customers want to be inspired wherever they are, any time of day, and have a comfortable shopping experience at the same time. We want to live up to those demands. Our omnichannel activities are designed to achieve this.’
Dr Philipp Andrée DOUGLAS Group CCO
In-house beauty experiences: Our DOUGLAS and NOCIBÉ stores can be found across most of Europe.
omnichannel countries
Here, customers can find the full package: In these countries, we offer both stores and online shops.
Beauty Cards
The Beauty Card rewards DOUGLAS customers’ loyalty with exclusive advantages. It is one of the most successful loyalty programmes in European beauty retail.