Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith

November 15, 2022

Doug Kleinsmith

As we grow up we find reasons to put “our best self” in front of
others. As they say, we put our best foot forward. Is this detrimental
to our real selves and does it hurt us long-term in different ways?
Doug Kleinsmith feels that we can examine this in multiple ways and
look deep inside to see if not being fully authentic has it’s negative

  1. IMAGE – imagine growing up and from the time you were a
    youngster being told you were not worthwhile; that you would
    not amount to much; that you were going to end up just like so
    and so; and that if you want to have everything you’d like to
    have you needed to be more like this or that. Well, the negative
    effects of living in this environment can have
    negative life-long effects. This type of hidden and sometimes
    open emotional abuse can play heavily into the psyche that takes
    a toll on us in so many aspects of our lives. Doug Kleinsmith
    experienced much like this that included trauma levels unheard
    of and unseen by most. Realizing this as he got older, played a
    negative role in relationships that led to not being his fully
    authentic himself. Doug has interviewed so many people over
    the last 6+ years on this topic and has learned that the value of
    being authentic – Your true self, makes a huge, positive
    difference in so many aspects of one’s life! We all have an
    image we want to convey but is it our REAL SELF?
  2. ACCEPTANCE – there are many moments in one’s life when we
    might feel rejected, unappreciated, not wanted or loved and
    simply just not accepted by others. When we find a friend,
    acquaintance or another who will simply accept us for who we
    are – not with condemnation or negative judgment; this will be
    the individual(s) that Doug Kleinsmith believes can and will be a
    the catalyst for living a more authentic life of reality, truth, and
    emotional well-being. First, we must accept ourselves, as
    difficult as this can be sometimes, and then not fully engage
    with others who have a mindset of harsh or hurtful judgments
    that make us feel low, ashamed, and rejected. Life is so short to
    live and the windfalls of being looked upon by your peers in a
    negative light is going to do more harm than good at the end of
    the day. Find those who will accept you for YOU !!! It starts by
    being open, honest, and true to yourself and then a short leap of
    faith in humanity and yourself. Yes, the “cream will rise to the
    top” and those who are real and authentic will show themselves
    as a positive in your life.
  3. INADEQUACY – how many times were we told, joking or not,
    that we simply don’t have the right make-up to be “the perfect
    specimen” in this world? Our inner being, the little messages we
    tell ourselves, tend to let shame and negative small talk sink in
    about ourselves – how we feel and see ourselves. We are who we
    are; we ALL have little weaknesses; we all are human and WILL
    make mistakes. Accept the fact that no one is perfect and all are
    different, according to Doug Kleinsmith. In the end, If we allow
    ourselves to be truly authentic in all areas of our lives, we’ll
    look at life through the lenses of unfiltered reality! Be YOU, do
    YOU and let the AUTHENTIC YOU find the inner peace knowing
    you are living you!