Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith Explains The Foundations of Marketing

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith

February 1, 2021

Have you ever wondered why your marketing plan doesn’t always work? There are foundations of marketing that many people do not understand. Some people assume that simply making noise and being visible is enough to make a good marketing plan, and Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith is here to explain why that is a bad way of thinking. Douglas Kleinsmith has been working in the marketing industry for many years now and is here to pass down his knowledge to us readers to help us become better marketers.

In an age of disruption, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith knows that everyone is trying to be louder than the next person. There are hundreds of thousands of companies being made each day, and all of them are relatively the same. However, Douglas Kleinsmith knows what makes a good company stand out from the rest. Your company needs to show that they have values unlike everyone else. Having a brand that shows they care about their employees and customers is incredibly important. Your marketing needs to have substance to it. Otherwise, Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith knows that you will not stand out from the rest.


Online marketing has become more and more difficult to master since its inception in the early 2000s. Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith knows that various tools such as YouTube and Facebook are paramount to help you find your right audience. However, it is exceptionally difficult to master online marketing if you don’t know what you are doing. Since everyone will be flocking to one area of the marketing sphere in a gold rush Esque frenzy, you need to be heading in the opposite direction. This means you need to find a niche elsewhere where fewer people are populating that sphere. This will help you get seen above all else. 

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith provides three things to always consider in marketing: 

  1. Acquiring or developing a unique product or service that brings real value to the end-user. 
  2. When customer service is warranted, make sure to develop a keen reputation of care and quality that others find benefit from. 
  3. Developing long term sustainability with price-points that consumers see as more than just mere justifiable.

Douglas Gerard Kleinsmith knows that it is difficult for a company to market itself properly nowadays due to over saturation in all markets. It’s all about market analysis and finding the best course of action in whatever you do by studying other people’s failures rather than successes. What works for one company is not guaranteed to work for your company, so finding your marketing ‘voice’ is crucial. It takes a trial and error like approach to finding the best course of action, but with enough effort, success is sure to follow. Douglas Kleinsmith encourages all young entrepreneurs and veterans of the industry to keep finding their voice until they have found it and to never give up on themselves or those who have a significant impact on their lives.